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Firearms Policy Coalition

Firearms Policy Coalition (FPC) is a 501(c)4 grassroots, non-partisan, nonprofit organization that advocates for individual liberties and important constitutional rights—especially those protected under the First Amendment (Free Speech, Association, etc.), Second Amendment (Right to Keep and Bear Arms), Fifth Amendment (Takings, Due Process), and Fourteenth Amendment (Due Process, Equal Protection, Privileges and Immunities)—sound public policy, and related issues through legal action, direct and grassroots advocacy, research, education, outreach, and other programs.


Recon Sniper Foundation

The Recon & Sniper Foundation works to provide the proper guidance needed to enhance the quality of life for Service Members, Veterans, and their families.


Marine Reconnaissance Foundation

The Marine Reconnaissance Foundation (MRF) is committed to serving the Marine Reconnaissance Community and its veterans by providing active and continual assistance for active-duty team members, support for the wounded and family-support programs. The Foundation aims to provide both ad-hoc and long-term support for the Reconnaissance Marines, and the Special Amphibious Reconnaissance Corpsmen deployed abroad, their spouses and their children settled in the United States.


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