9mm Quintuple Insert

9mm Quintuple Insert

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          The 9mm Quintuple Insert is our take on the Subgun Elastic Magazine Pouch that allows you to carry five MP5 or similar sized magazines. It can fit into any Hook & Loop lined pocket like the ARC Placard, the ARC Carrier’s Cummerbund pockets or into other products on the market such as the Ferro Concepts DOPE. This product is not compatible with the Spiritus Systems Microfight or Haley Strategic Micro Rig.

          The 9mm Quintuple Insert uses elastic retention to hold the magazine but unlike other inserts on the market our insert features loops at the top to add shockcord retention when additional securing is required.

9mm Quintuple Insert Features Break Down:
-Quite & Tight Elastic Retention
-Five MP5 or similar Mags
-Loops for Shockcord Retention
-Hook & Loop Interface
-Berry Comp. – MADE IN THE USA

Magpul Scorpion EVO Mags have been tested and can fit however they will be tight and will only offer four usable cells in most placards and pockets including our own ARC Placards.

Available in Coyote Brown only as it will be hidden.

All accessories displayed are sold separately.