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ARC Carrier V2 - Base

ARC Carrier V2 - Base

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As the second version of our flagship product, The ARC Carrier, we're proud to introduce the latest evolution of the Overt Combat Carrier: The ARC Carrier V2. Following the success of the V1 we knew the ARC Carrier could be better and sought out to design a more versatile, comfortable and advanced version while also resolving some of the sticking points for people in the V1. 


Base Kit Includes: Front & Rear Plate Bags, Shoulder Straps, Shoulder Pads & Pontoons.



Front Plate Bag:

-First Spear™ Tube and Metal Oval Ring Hardware on each shoulder

-Adjustable Plate Bag via 'Spider System'

-Adjustable 1.5" Shoulder Straps w/Various After Market Hardware Options 

-Spacer Mesh & Close Cell Foam Pontoons

-Inner Face First Spear 6/12™ Soft Loop for Pad Mounting

-Front Chest Loop Field for ID

-Molle/Pals for Chest Mounted Pouches / EUDs

-Loop Field for Industry Standard Placards

-Bottom Flap w/ Molle/Pals

-PTT Retention Holes

-Top Flap Slits for Routing Cables & More


Rear Plate Bag:

-Adjustable Plate Bag via 'Spider System'

-6 x 6 Molle/Pals for pouches & back panels

-Accepts Shock Cord & Velcro Cummerbunds

-Spacer Mesh & Close Cell Foam Pontoons

-Inner Face First Spear 6/12™ Soft Loop for Pad Mounting

-Adjustable 2" Shoulder Straps w/Various After Market Hardware Options

-Rear Velcro Loop Field for ID

-Top Flap Slits for Routing Cables & More


Shoulder Straps:

-Dual End Adjustments for perfect fitment

-Plate Carrier Pack 1" clip attachment capable


Shoulder Pads:

 -Close Cell Foam & Spacer Mesh Padding

-Spacer Mesh Neck Line Padding

-OneWrap Velcro Strap Anchors & Cable Management 


Weight: 1 lb 12 oz [Plate Bags, Pontoons, Pads & Straps]



Sizing of the carrier is based on your issued plate size:

Small/Medium will hold Small & Medium SAPI Plates and similar sized Shooter Cut Plates. Soft Armor can also be inserted if it is the same shape and size.

Large/Extra Large will hold Large & Extra Large SAPI Plates and similar sized Shooter Cut Plates. Soft Armor can also be inserted if it is the same shape and size.


Returns & Cancellations

Returns will only be accepted for catastrophic product imperfections that hinder proper user otherwise returns are not allowed. Cancellations will not be accepted during the production lead time as materials and labor are being dedicated to your committed order.


Made in the USA / Berry Compliant

*Magazines, Gear and other accessories not included*


*Colors and Construction might be different than the depicted images due to material usage or production methods*


If you are ordering for a Unit, please contact

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
2nd ARC V2 Carrier

I'm on my second ARC V2 carrier (Ranger Green, and, Multi-Cam). Love the product quality, and, modularity! Using for Law-Enforcement use. Looking forward to accessory upgrades on soft-armor. Very highly recommended if you want a top-tier Plate Carrier! Nothing else compares on the high-end IMHO!

Expensive but Great

The plate bags are feature rich and well constructed. Cable management is a breeze and it is very comfortable under weight. It integrates with just about any cummerbund on the market, which is super nice. While expensive, you are certainly getting a solid carrier.

Only issues I noticed were that adjustments in the shoulder straps were limited when going smaller and strap hardware is not included. It appears to be designed for a very large person even on the S/M size. I am not a super small person at 5’7” 165 and I maxed out the adjustment, so if you are a particularly small person you won’t be able to adjust the straps enough to get the plates to ride at the correct height. This issue also carriers over to their PCP. The straps only come with the hardware installed. Would have been nice to have the slick hardware included instead of paying $5 + shipping to swap out the shoulder tube.


Most comfortable plate carrier I own.

Arc carrier

Very comfortable I wear it all day and it’s incredibly comfortable and the materials look and feel amazing. Very durable as well and the spider system just makes it so versatile that you there is no other reason to buy any other carrier. This is my third carrier and by far the best.


Solid kit