Shaw Concepts, LLC. seeks to advance service members’ & armed citizens' tactical efficiency and longevity in order to enrich American lives through the preservation of our Constitutional rights & liberties against all enemies both foreign and domestic.


Shaw Concepts, LLC. was formed in April of 2019 due to frustration with the gear found on the market, during our founder's time spent in Marine Reconnaissance. We started out in a dingy barracks room with a sewing machine meant for sail canvases on a fold out plastic table and have over the past few years flourished into a unique gear company that serves to design gear that allows military service members and responsibly armed citizens to operate with increased proficiency and comfort that isn't otherwise available on the market.


Our values are: Innovation, Service & Integrity.

Innovation is important to us as we want to solve issues and gaps in currently issued and offered equipment while also setting ourselves apart.

Service is important to us as we feel the need to serve our customers, employees and nation as a whole to ultimately enrich all the lives we touch.

Integrity is the backbone to all of the above and with out it all efforts will be meaningless. This manifests in transparency, honesty and our decision making.


Our motto Conquer All is derived from the third paragraph Marine Reconnaissance Creed:

"Conquering all obstacles both large and small, I shall never quit. To quit, to surrender, to give up is to fail..."

Our motto is our public proclamation that we intend to do just that in our business and our personal lives. It is the attitude we want to impart to our customers and what we wish our products to assist our customers with whether that is a raid in an undisclosed location, training patrols state side or the defense of our God given rights at home.