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Shaw Concepts

ARC Chest Rig Kit

ARC Chest Rig Kit

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PLEASE NOTE: This kit requires a placard to be complete. All Non-Standard Colors come with a matching placard. 

The ARC Chest Rig Kit is our offering for transforming the ARC Placard V3 or any other placard with 1" Side Release Buckles and side First Spear Tubes® into a chest rig. The goal for this chest rig was to design a modular rig that could be adjusted to the users' needs will also fitting comfortably under a ruck.


Ordering Guide:

If you already have a Shaw Concepts Placard all you need is this kit.

If you want the complete Chest Rig then order an ARC Placard V3 or Elastic Placard V2.

If you want to use this with another Non-Tube Compatible Placard you will need to Order the Tubed Closure Flaps without Tubes (as Tubes are included in the kit).


What is included in the kit?:

-x1 H-Harness w/Side PALS Panels

-x2 First Spear Split Bar Male Tubes®

-x2 Placard Straps w/1" Side Release Female Buckles

-x1 Spacer Mesh Pad -x1 Tegris Strap Guide



-Side Panels w/First Spear Tube® Connections for Maritime Ditching

-Flat H-Harness and straps for minimal interference with a ruck sack

-MOLLE/PALS on the front and rear of Side Panels

-Shoulder Straps that are swappable to attach the harness to Front Plate Bags

-Elastic Bands for comms. routing

-Soft Velcro® Loop inner liner for internal add-ons

-Spacer Mesh Pad for comfort against the body

-Tegris Insert Guide for ease of installation


Proudly made in the USA / Berry Compliant


*Magazines, Gear and other accessories not included*


If you are ordering for a Unit, please contact

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
I will die for this brand idgaf

I am Shaw’s most ardent supporter I will be buried with all of their kit when I meet my eventual end. God bless.


Great fit! Unlike other chest rigs there’s room for adjustments you don’t get in the design. The material is quality and overall it’s a good liking piece that is well thought out..

Exceptional Modularity & Form Factor

Picked this up to create a better sustainment chest rig when paired with a FTT Kit Bag and have been extremely impressed. Shipped out quickly after purchase.

Best chest rig around

The chest rig is the most comfortable and functional chest rig around. I love that you can easily swap out placards for different operations.

Arch chest rig

I’m a LEO and use this rig while hiking. Amazing workmanship, lightweight and fully customizable for the gear I want to carry while on duty. Keep up the amazing craftsmanship!