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The BRAIN or Balance, Retention & Anchoring Integrated Node Pouch is not just our take on the helmet counter weight pouch but a solution to managing multiple helmet configurations and systems in one convenient location. While a niche issue, some operators may find that their helmet set up may need to change on the fly or just might want to keep their helmet slick as much as possible till the need arises. 

During time spent in Marine Force Reconnaissance the need to keep a helmet snag-free for freefall operations & strobe illumination was juxtaposed by the need for camouflaging a helmet immediately after landing for foot movement to an objective. This is where the concept for the BRAIN Pouch was born. While not many individuals may find they need to completely alter their helmet set up on the fly, the pouch can also be used to store items needed for the helmet's use such as batteries, lens wipes, counter weights (not included), battery packs and more. 

The BRAIN Pouch mounts to the helmet with Velcro Hook, Helmet Screw Mounts & Shockcord making it compatible with most helmets on the market. The pouch features Soft Loop Velcro® internally for adding Counter Weights, Battery Organizers or Battery Packs and includes a top / center located cable pass through slit for Battery Pack Cables. 


-Small yet Expansive Volume for Batteries, Battery Packs, Strobes, Scrim & More

-Inner Soft Loop Velcro® Lining for attaching Counter Weights and Battery Organizers 

-Cable Pass Thru located top & center for Battery Pack Cables

-Anchoring Points on the Sides & Top for Mounting to the Helmet & Anchoring Devices

-Stretch Fabric Walls for compression of items & Expansion if needed

-Velcro® Loop field for up to 4 x 2" ID Patches

-Included Shockcord & Cordlocs for Mounting and Helmet Scrim Lashing

-Front Lashing Tab & Adhesive Velcro Hook Patch for Helmet Scrim Lashing

-Protected Mini Drainage Ports for Releasing Water in Adverse Conditions

Weight: 2.2 Oz


Made in the USA / Berry Compliant

*Helmets, Helmet Accessories and other accessories not included*


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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews

A game changer!

Amazing product

Combines admin and counterweight options in 1 pouch, a game changer


Everything they make is well thought out.

Love it.

Absolutely great can’t wait for the weight to come out so I can streamline my helmet some more. Besides that what a great piece of kit.

Thing gets freaking snug!

Fits like a dang glove. Absolutely love it! Will be getting these for each of my helmets. Pouch holds about any battery pack and has easy access for cables to run through it.