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Big Frickin Gun Pouch

Big Frickin Gun Pouch

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          The Big Frickin Gun Pouch is our answer to a neglected problem no one has really resolved. How can machine gun operators carry belted ammunition in a sensible, accessible and modular manner? Marine 0331s are not issued pouches to carry linked 7.62x51mm for the M240 and have relied on Dump Pouches to carry them despite not being designed for heavy loads. Others in the Army have faced the same issues as well with the M249 SAW and the M240. Those few that do get issued a SAW Pouch get one designed a decade or two ago that simply doesn't cut it anymore. 

          We designed the Big Frickin Gun Pouch to be a simple solution sized to accept a variety of unordinary ordnances including but not limited to: SAW Nutsacks, SAW 200rnd Plastic Drums, 7.62 100rnd Boxes, loose linked 556/762 /Belts, 40mm Grenades (with the Spiritus Systems 4 Loop Insert), Magpul D60 Drums, 7 STANAG Mags, 2-Quart Canteens and much more. The Big Frickin Gun Pouch can also double as a great general purpose pouch and especially as a buttpack on a load bearing belt. 



-Easy to engage buckle for ease of access

-Tegris Internal Front Face Reinforcement for structured shape

-Adjustable Cinch Strap for various objects

-Flanking Shockcord Stash Spaces

-Shockcord Lashing for tightening pouch to contents

-Internal Velcro Loop (5.5" x 4") for Organizational Accessories

-Laser Cut Drainage Holes smaller than most debris

-Four Columns by Three Rows Molle Mounting

-Laser Cut Molle/Pals Mounting Straps

-Robust One Piece Construction for durability 


Weight: 5 Oz


Dimensions & Footprint:

-Mounts to Four Columns Wide & Three Rows Down

-Dimensions ~6" Wide, 3" Deep & 5" Tall

Made in the USA / Berry Compliant

*Magazines, Gear and other accessories not included*


If you are ordering for a Unit, please contact

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Great buttpack!

Very nice construction/materials, works great as a medium sized buttpack on the belt line.


I know a it's a gp pouch, but it's a great gp pouch.


It’s very useful for a lot of things I highly recommend it!

Built well, works well.

Purchased for use as m82a1 magazine pouches. Each pouch can hold 2 mags. Shaw concepts should update description to include this information.


Big Frickin Gun Pouch