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RAM Elastic Inserts

RAM Elastic Inserts

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The RAM (Reinforced Ammunition Management) Elastic Insert  is our update to the antiquated Elastic Inserts found across the market. This design was born from two problems: one was the lack of any suitable AK magazine placards out there that addressed the issue of the locking lugs tearing up pouches. and the second was users wishing to have an easier time re-indexing magazines into elastic cells that lay completely flat when empty. To solve these issues we came up with a way to get Tegris Thermoplastic strips to line the side edges of each magazine cell so as to allow a magazine's rough lugs or pressure points to slide in and out without damaging the elastic that provides the magazine retention. This also helps keep the mouth of the elastic cell partially open at all times. This effectively offers the benefits of Kydex inserts without the impracticality of a pouch that is completely open.

The RAM Elastic Insert works in our ARC Placard V3 and other placards that are Hook & Loop Velcro lined and that are wide enough to accept the various caliber sizes we offer. This product is not compatible with the Spiritus Systems Microfight or Haley Strategic Micro Rig.


Compatibility Guide:

TRIPLE 556 RAM: Fits USGI 556 Magazines such as Issued Metal Mags and Polymer Mags including the Gen 3 PMAG. 

TRIPLE AK RAM: Fits 7.62x39mm & 5.45x39mm Mags and handles their locking lugs perfectly without lock up or pouch destruction.

TRIPLE 308 RAM: Fits most 7.62x51mm Mags used by M110s as well as SCAR-H Mags.

SMG-LARGE RAM: Fits five large body Subgun Mags such as Magpul Scorpion Mags as well as HK MP7 & UMP Mags. Does NOT fit most handgun mags such as Glock, Sig P320 or the sort. 

SMG-SMALL: **Coming Soon**



-Tegris Thermoplastic Walls for snag-less insertion / extraction of magazines

-Protected stitching for durability 

-Strong 4" Elastic for a tight grip on magazines

-Velcro® Hook & Loop for plugging into compatible placards

-Weighs less than 4 ounces

-Berry Compliant Construction


If you are ordering for a Unit, please contact

Proudly made in the USA / Berry Compliant

*Magazines, Gear and other accessories not included*

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Customer Reviews

Based on 81 reviews
Great insert

Meets all the things I need it to do, easy retention and reindexing


Excellent product as always!!

Ram Inserts Quad

A bit stiff to get in at first. Had to loosen the Placard. I let the mags sit in there to give them the space for reinsertion. They sit great. Great quality!


Good Morning,

One of the inserts’ front velcro was not completely stitched and hanging over. I had to stitch and sew the front Velcro myself to make sure it was secure. I would suggest having a person look over each item before shipment and before delivery. Respectfully,


Hey, we're terribly sorry for that and you are completely right. This should not have been passed through production or QC. Good on your for repairing it though but please reach out to and we'll replace it.


Love it