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Plate Carrier Pack [PCP]

Plate Carrier Pack [PCP]

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 After years of product development the Plate Carrier Pack is finally available. The Plate Carrier Pack or PCP started development in 2019 born from the idea that a small pack used on the back of a plate carrier should be self accessible without having to disturb a teammate for assistance and should be well rounded for a variety of tasks and missions. Three years later we have finally made the pack a reality. 

          The PCP is our take on a 1 Day Assault Pack made to connect directly with a Plate Carrier or Chest Rig, that will hold mission essential equipment within reach. The PCP can also be utilized in a Rucksack as an E&E Bag, a dedicated Medical Bag, Radio Pack and many other possibilities. The PCP features a main compartment with a full length 'clamshell' zipper to fully layout the pack with Loop Velcro on both sides for attached medical or organizational inserts. There is also a flat pocket for hydration bladders which can double as a Tool Sheath with the Tegris Tool Sheath add on available. On the front face there are two General Purpose Pouches for tools, magazines and other items with the top one having a Velcro ID Field. Both feature Velcro Loop lining for organizational inserts and both have Tie Off Points for Sensitive (or just expensive) Equipment. The sides of the PCP have two rows of MOLLE for additional pouches to be added as needed as well as two compression straps that can be removed if not desired. 

          The PCP's Pack Straps are our unique answer to how to mount a pack to a Plate Carrier AND have it quickly adjust to a 'stand alone' configuration. We took inspiration for the standard two point sling system seem on most all slings on the market and decided a shorter and wider version would make for the perfect strap capable of collapsing to a very short length for use on a Plate Carrier and quickly doubling in length for the 'stand alone' configuration. We then went with a Close Cell Foam Pad wrapped in a strong stretch fabric to contain the sling-straps and their hardware neatly and tight.

          The PCP comes with a mounting kit that will allow it to work with most carriers on the market. As long as there is vertical webbing or MOLLE on the front plate bag and MOLLE or webbing loops on the Cummerbund or Placard the PCP's hardware kit will allow it to be compatible. 


Pack Includes: Pack, Shoulder Straps, Compression Straps and Mounting Hardware Kit



-Main Compartment Dimensions: 14" Tall x 9" Wide x 3.5" Deep - 7 Liters

-Top GP Dimensions: 6" Tall x 9" Wide x 2" Deep - 1.75 Liters

-Bottom GP Dimensions: 8" Tall x 9" Wide x 2" Deep - 2.25 Liters

-Quick Adjust Shoulder Straps for use on a Plate Carrier or on its own.

-Soft Durable Stretch Fabric & Close Cell Foam Shoulder Pads 

-Compression Straps for Tightening Down the Load

-Main Compartment Fully Zips Open for a Complete Layout

-Two Loop Lined General Purpose Pouches w/Tie Off Points Inside

-Internal Access Zipper for Hydration Hoses, Comm Cables, Tools & More

-G-Hook Top Strap Closure over Internal Access Port

-Locking TacToggle to Secure Internal Access Port

-Internal Pocket for Hydration Bladder, Tools and More

-Inner Loop Lining for Velcro Inserts Ideal for Medical Bags

-Close Cell Foam Backing for Comfort

-Exterior MOLLE for Additional Pouches

-Constructed of Cordura, Cordura Laminate and other Mil-Spec Materials

Volume: 11 Liters 


Weight: 1 lbs. 14 oz. 


Made in the USA / Berry Compliant

*Magazines, Gear and other accessories not included*


*Colors and Construction might be different than the depicted images due to material usage or production methods*


If you are ordering for a Unit, please contact

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Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Excellent Pack

Got my PCP a couple weeks ago, and have been running it as a day pack since. So far, through a few days of training, first impressions have been great. Functionality is top notch, the buckles are strong and well designed, and I especially appreciate the male buckle adaptors for molle. Allowed me to use my vertical molle for my PTT and hose retainer, which my old flatpack didn't allow me to do.

My only "critiques" would be just that I wish it came in more patterns, or that the shoulder strap sleeves could be sold separately with different patterns (just because I'd like to match em with my woodland shoulder pads, haha).

Could also use some form of shoulder strap retainer when mounted to a pc, potentially.

It would be niche, but I run my pcp with one "locked" side and one "open" side. Locked side being my right side, which I never unbuckle unless I'm not running the pack at all, and the open side being the side I frequently unbuckle to don and doff the plate carrier.

I notice that on this locked side, the straps tend to slide off the shoulder pads occasionally and into my neck, which is just a little uncomfortable. Some form of temporary solution to somewhat stabilize it on a shoulder pad would be neat, though I've got no idea how it would be implemented.

Overall, amazing pack. Best one I've used to date, for sure. Almost like an Eagle MAP if it was modernized and built simply better. Keep up the great work!!

It's good

Only issue with it is strap ajustment is a bit lacking on the shoulders


Love the product. It's craftsmanship is beyond reproach.

It’s great! Well made, buttery smooth zippers.

I love everything about the bag

Great bag

I originally bought it to be a medical bag but it turned out to be too small for all the equipment, so I turned it in to a surveillance camera bag and it’s perfect!