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Side Kick V2 Holster Pad [SKV2]

Side Kick V2 Holster Pad [SKV2]

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     The ground breaking quality of life improvement Sidekick is back in its Version 2 form, now compatible with many more holster systems out there. Longevity and Comfort are a prime focus in all our products and the Side Kick is no different. Carrying a two pound death brick on your hip is easy but can wear down your side after a few hours or even days in the field. This is where the Side Kick comes in. The Side Kick is our solution to comfortably carrying your Side Arm and mounting other items we may desire to carry next to said Holster.  


     The Side Kick mounts to any holster system that has an isolated bottom screw post to piggyback off of. The Side Kick will work with the Safariland Mid Ride UBL,  Safariland Low Ride UBLTrue North Concepts MHA, the Guardian Warrior Solutions Bang Hanger and much more.  The Side Kick uses Close Cell Foam and Spacer Mesh for padding and comfort and features two columns of MOLLE slots on both 'wings' of the pad. A 1" Thigh Strap is included that features a durable side release buckle and an elastic section for stretch. 


-1/4" Close Cell Foam Padding

-MOLLE Slots for PALS Pouches

-1" Thigh Strap w/Elastic Comfort Stretch

-35" Max Thigh Circumference

-Reversible for Right and Left Hand Users

-Mounts to UBLs, MHAs, QLSs and More

 -Included a Screw for Safariland Pattern Holsters and two Flanged Sleeve Bearings

-Constructed of Cordura, Cordura Laminate and other Mil-Spec Materials


Weight: 2.5 Oz

Made in the USA / Berry Compliant

If you are ordering for a Unit, please contact

*Magazines, Gear and other accessories not included*


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Customer Reviews

Based on 95 reviews

It’s a near perfect solution for those running thigh straps. I’ve tried pads from other companies that attached to the UBL with Velcro. I wasn’t super satisfied with those so I wanted to give this a try and it’s a hundred times better. Great quality of life upgrade and well worth the money.


Great gear well made, comfortable. These gents are doing great things!

**** Options

Would love it if you guys also included a 10-32 5/8’s **** for people using an alien gear holster. Other than that very good experience so far.


I use the True North drop leg and it was always biting my thigh especially when running. With the side kick all that goes away along with the added advantage of keeping my safariland holster vertical at all times. Highly recommended!


Very good construction, however, the leg strap was a little thin and no matter how I placed the pad, it was to high on my leg. In addition, the pad was at too much of an angle. I removed it and threw it into the box on the shelf.