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Shaw Concepts

USURPER Belt System [UBS]

USURPER Belt System [UBS]

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Right or Left Handed


     The reign of the standard two piece belt or Velcro hula hoops is coming to an end. 

     We at Shaw Concepts took a look at the standard two piece style belts on the market and as usual thought that there must be a better way. Belts on the market haven't changed much and haven't offered end users much other than weight reduction and they certainly haven't improved comfort, ergonomics or features so we had to step in. 

     The Usurper Belt System is our take on a two part Pistol Belt setup where instead of an inner belt made cheaply of wide thick Scuba webbing we've developed a foam lined, soft loop Velcro stand alone belt that is perfectly suited as a uniform belt and the firm foundation of a Pistol Belt. The outer belt is where the UBS gets wilder, with built in Angled Molle Columns for a set of canted pistol magazine pouches, half inch Molle slots for better pouch mounting, built in carabiner attachment point, adaptable holster width for better lock up, adjustable fitment, suspender loops for loads that would cause the belt to sag and a Tegris Skeleton for better load bearing. 



-Austri Alpin Inc. 1" D-Ring COBRA® ProStyle 18kN Buckle

-Exterior Soft Loop Attachment Surface 6/12™ Laminate from First Spear LLC.

-Interior 1/8" Close Cell Foam for Comfort

-Attachment Points on Both Sides for the Outer Belt



-Built In Canted Molle Columns for Two Pistol Mag Pouches

-Half Inch Molle Slots for Better Mounting

-Built In Carabiner Mounting Point

-Accepts 2" - 2.25" Belt Mounts by cutting off Tegris Extrusion

-Three Suspender Loop Points for Heavier Loads

-Tegris Thermoplastic Inner Skeleton for structure


Please Note: Neither the Inner Belt nor Outer Belt are rated safety devices and should not be used for climbing, rappelling, helicopter retention, mounting flotation devices or as any other life saving device. Shaw Concepts LLC assumes no liability connected to the misuse of this product, loss, damage, or expenses of any kind arising out of the use or inability to use our product. 



      The Usurper Belt sizing is based on your measured waist at the belt loops wearing the uniform you plan to use the belt with. We recommend if you are between sizes to go UP a size. Please note belt length may be plus or minus an inch. 

Small: 30 - 35"

Medium: 33 - 38"

Large: 36 - 41"

Extra Large: 39 - 44"  


WEIGHT: (Entire Kit)

Small: 11.5 Oz

Medium: 12 Oz

Large: 12.5 Oz

Extra Large: 13 Oz

Made in the USA / Berry Compliant

*Magazines, Gear and other accessories not included*


If you are ordering for a Unit, please contact

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Customer Reviews

Based on 44 reviews
Awesome belt

Love the feel and movement with this belt the set up does not interfere with my plate carrier setup


Very comfortable


Padded inner belt doesnt dig into my hips +1

outer belt fits comfortably and is secure on the inner belt +1

8 columns of laser cut molle (small size) allows me to carry what I need +1

G-hook attachment system can be difficult when doffing and I have to use the adjustable strap to have enough slack to remove the hook

I would enjoy seeing how shaw expands on this product.


Extremely comfortable and exactly what I ordered.


So universal and light. Easily adjusted in order to match what you have on your belt. Last belt you will ever need.